“We are a mosaic of our experiences.”

~ Pazit Levitan, Founder


Pazit Levitan is a New York based, award-winning film, television and interactive media producer, who developed a global career around a passion for healthy communication, creative technology and education. Having earned three media-related academic degrees from universities in three different countries, while pursuing her doctoral in Communication and Education at Columbia University, Ms. Levitan is particularly drawn to multi-cultural initiatives, which embrace the richness, energy, and potential voice of the individual in today’s world.

Ms. Levitan cultivates the right team for the right job, while delivering results in a meaningful and reliable manner. She selects media projects with a purpose, and works closely with the client, respecting the organizational culture. Ms. Levitan believes in the power of the process itself, and the inspiring quality of effective collaboration.

“As a creative media educator, I focus on the notion that understanding community is experiential. A community thrives where everybody takes responsibility to contribute. Today’s technology, mobile in particular, allows anyone to learn, connect and produce proactively – anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is important to develop new media that empowers the user, as if every interaction was designed especially for her/him.”