Guest Speaker, ‘Designing and Developing Mobile Apps for Educational Research’,
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development , New York University, June 2012

Social Media with a Cause at Hunter College, NYC, November 2011.

Games for Change Festival 2011, New York City. “Lit2Quit: Trends in Gaming- Mobile, Direct Action, Facebook”. Presented by Adrienne Garber.

Teachers College Educational Technology Conference 2011, Columbia University, New York City, Poster “Lit2Quit: A Mobile Game for Smokers”; Presentation: “Lit2Quit: Design Implications of Gesture-Based Interaction, Beta Update and New Analysis”. Presented by Dan Rabinowitz and Adrienne Garber.

Judge at Metropolitan College of New York’s Short Film Festival, May 2011, NYC.

Meaningful Play 2010, East Lansing, Michigan, Presentation: “A Mobile Game Aiming to Evoke Arousal Effects of Nicotine”. Presented by Jessica Mezei.

Games, Learning, Society Conference (GLS) 2010, Madison, Wisconsin, Poster, “Educated by Design: Lit to Quit – A Mobile Game for Smoking Reduction”.

Games for Health (G4H) 2010, Boston, MA, Presentation: “Lit to Quit: How a mobile game might help you stop smoking!”. Presented by Azadeh Jamalian. pdf

Scratch Day 2010, Teachers College, New York,NY, Presentation: “Lit: A Mobile Game Project for Health”.

Teachers College, Educational Technology Conference (TCETC) 2010, New York, NY, Presentation, “Lit to Quit: How a Mobile Game Might Help You Stop Smoking!”

American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2010, Denver, CO, Presentation: “Lit: Critical Game Design for Health”. pdf. Presented by Jessica Mezei.

Games Developers Conference (GDC) 2010, San Francisco, CA, Presentation: “Lit to Quit, A Mobile Game for Health”. pdf

Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) 2010, London, England, Poster, “Lit: Game Intervention for Nicotine Smokers.”

New Media Management seminar at the University of Montana’s Entertainment Management Program, 2009. pdf

Games for Health (G4H) 2009, Boston, MA, Poster, “Lit: Game Intervention for Nicotine Smokers.”

Teachers College, Educational Technology Conference (TCETC) 2009, New York, NY, Presentation, “Lit: Game Intervention for Nicotine Smokers.” pdf

Adjunct professor for “ Constructive Action” at the MBA in Media Management program, Metropolitan College of New York. 2006-2007.